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July 23, 2021

It only took one year and NO money down for this new real estate investor beginner. The professional Soccer Player turned Real Estate Investor was denied to get a loan from any bank. Not because of credit, but simply due to his Canadian Citizenship!

In this video for Market Hunter Thursday with Herve, Jordan Murrell of the Las Vegas Lights joins us to spill the details behind his motivation to get involved into Real Estate Investing. He wanted a way to have passive income and cash flow not just for himself, but for his future family and generations to come. “Soccer is temporary, real estate is forever”, Jordan says.

Another quarantine success story, Jordan, who is a wise 28 year old, was out of work for over a year and looking for the best route for alternate income when he found himself on every day. After being denied a loan due to his Canadian citizenship, Jordan read Matts book “Raising Private Capital”, which gained him the knowledge to be able to purchase his property with no money down.

Even with the cash flow benefits of Las Vegas Real Estate Investing, Jordan knew he needed bigger investment properties to reach the cash flow he wanted. One day on Bigger Pockets, he met an investor while looking for his first big deal, an apartment building syndication. Jordan has clearly done his research and vouches for how Memphis is a green light for the ultimate cash flow opportunities as well. Even while he remains out of state.

Jordan ends the show with the perfect tips to get started up in Las Vegas, move up easily to bigger cash flow options and beginner tips to seek out your next Real Estate Investment opportunity!

00:00 No Money Down Introduction
00:27 Vegas Statistics
02:41 Vegas Opportunities
04:50 Raising Private Capital
08:30 Investing in Apartment Buildings
09:12 Systems Needed
10:13 Cash Flow Vegas Neighborhoods
11:22 Steps to Commercial Properties
12:46 Tips to Begin Investing Anywhere!
13:05 The Ultimate Question

Careers are temporary, Real Estate is Forever…

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