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August 26, 2021


How is your Summer going? It’s hard to believe it’s almost over already. Here at DeRosa Group, we have been hard at work – making July a very productive month for us and our investors.

Celebrate With Us!

DeRosa Capital 12 is Closed!

Help us celebrate our latest acquisition: DeRosa Capital 12: Lexington Villas in Lexington, Kentucky! We closed on Friday, July 30th and officially added this 152-unit, value-add multifamily property to the DeRosa portfolio.

Congratulations to all our DeRosa Capital 12 investors and a genuine thank you for helping us make this happen. We are excited to get this project moving along and producing returns!

The DeRosa Income Fund has Launched!

On July, 28th, we also launched our newest opportunity: DeRosa Income Fund (The “Fund”). This is a 506c offering and open to accredited investors only.

We have been working on this for a number of months – to get the offering just right. Here are some details:

The Fund intends to target $10,000,000 in commitments from accredited investors only and will focus primarily on high-yield short-term lending, distressed debt and equity opportunities, as well as longer-term commercial real estate projects, through the purchase of private equity interests and/or loan originations. The minimum investment in the Fund will be $50,000. The Fund will offer investors a preferred returnoptional compoundingtax benefits (via the pro rata allocation of asset depreciation), and conditional liquidity (following a mandatory 24-month lock-up period).

Investment funds targeting real estate projects and distressed assets are currently experiencing strong interest from investors and strong competition is leading to the emergence of a handful of smaller, specialized, private fund offerings. Real estate and debt funds are an ever-growing part of the private equity fundraising market. The need for alternative sources of equity and debt has strengthened, which DeRosa Group hopes will provide the Fund with multiple investment opportunities.

Click on the image below to watch the recording of the DeRosa Income Fund webinar we held on July 28th:

If you are interested in learning more, please email us at and ask to be put in touch with our Fund Manager, Matt Allen. We are happy to answer your questions and begin recording your indications of interest in the new Fund

Here is a link to the DeRosa Income Fund Offering page:
You can download the offering memorandum from the offering page.

You can also add a Soft Commit by clicking the Apply to Reserve button on the right-hand side of the Offering page and completing the popup form. You will receive a registration email from the system. After registering, you can click the Reserve Now button to add your Soft Commit amount.

If you are already an investor with us, you can log into your account in the InvestNext portal and clicking on the DeRosa Income Fund under the Offerings tab.


The Healthy, Wealthy Wise Guys Podcast

Matt & Dr. David Iglewicz “Iggy” have teamed up to create a podcast that will inspire you to achieve peak health and financial freedom so you can live a long vibrant life on your own terms.

Matt and Iggy are hoping you can help them with their new show by listening to an episode and leaving a review.

Find out what Matt & Dr. Iggy have to say each week by subscribing to The Healthy, Wealthy, Wiseguys Show at  Listen to an episode of the new show and leave a review.

The Real Estate InvestHER Show is now part of
the BiggerPockets Podcast Network!

Hosts Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli met on the BiggerPockets forums years ago, where they sparked a friendship that has grown into a business, a community, and a popular podcast with 175 episodes and counting. With two weekly episodes, Liz and Andresa empower real estate investors to live a balanced, financially-free life.

Their interviews shine a light on women investors while delivering useful tactics and tips for investing, business strategies, and self-care. BiggerPockets is bringing this show to their audience as part of their network.

Make sure to follow The Real Estate InvestHER Show for the latest episodes, and for detailed show notes and more information on show guests, head over to The Real Estate InvestHER community site.

Apply to be a guest on the Real Estate InvestHER Show by submitting a form with the button below:

All DeRosa investors have FREE membership to our Private Facebook Group, DeRosa Insiders — where we post interim updates and show off more of the behind-the-scenes running of the other properties.

If you haven’t joined yet, click here to apply!

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