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July 25, 2021

In this Mentorship Monday video, you learn investing tips to start successfully with your real estate investing journey! We show you beginner investing tips to maximize your cash flow! Our guest needs advice on how to move up from where he is. We answer the top questions that investors have and cover how to maximize your profits when structuring loans and equity for the first time. You will learn some key tips that will maximize your profits with every decision you make during your investments.

Take notes on this one, because afterwards, your real estate investment journey will be as smooth as butter! You will learn the benefits of a 1031 Exchange, using the BRRRR Method and the most profitable strategies for when you structure a partnership with another investor. You will also find out when is the perfect time to make the switch from self managing your investment properties, to hiring a property manager and maximizing your cashflow.

In this video, not only does Matt and Justin cover the benefits, but you’ll learn the details behind these investment strategies as well. You will learn how to properly structure a partnership on an investment property in the most profitable way where each side receives mutual benefits.

These are critical topics to every investment especially when you first start out.

00:00 In This Video
00:54 BRRRR Method
01:24 1031 Exchange
03:30 When To Use Investors
05:35 Potential Negative Basis
06:20 Clean Way To PM Company
07:06 Structuring a Partnership
07:50 When To Stop Self-Managing
10:50 Closing Summary: Structuring Loans and Equity for the First Time

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