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July 25, 2021

Joining or Starting a Property Management Company is an excellent way to get into the exciting life of real estate. This is a very popular topic lately in the Real Estate Investing world. In this Mentorship Monday video, Matt teaches multiple ways to begin and get your foot in the door of the Property Management world which will lead you to future deals, just like he started out! Starting a PM company is one of the most underrated ways to get involved into the Real Estate Investing world, and more people should be doing it.

There are many ways to start property management. Options ranging from commercial property management, starting your own LLC or working through the owner. Either route that appeals more, Matt lets you know what you will need to start your own PM company the correct way!

00:00 Introduction
02:00 Small Office Space Leases
02:55 Two Main Options
03:12 HVAC Tips
04:18 Working Through an LLC – No Brokers License Required
05:15 Ideal for Beginning Real Estate

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