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July 25, 2021

Should you create an LLC? How do you do a 1031 Exchange? When you start an LLC for your real estate property, it gives you that insurance from using your name. Immediate Tax savings is one of the best real estate investing advantages too. Tons of investors use a 1031 Exchange to save tens of thousands of dollars every year.

In this Mentorship Monday, Matt shares his years of proven experience on 1031 Exchanges and how to start an LLC for your real estate property or investing portfolio. All of the common questions get answered. This video will help you understand what they both are, and if you should use this approach for your real estate investment strategy.

In this video, you will learn:
– What a 1031 Exchange is
– How to use a 1031 Exchange
– How to set up an LLC
– When to set up an LLC
– Benefits of Starting an LLC
– How to do a Quitclaim Deed

00:00 Coming Up
00:48 Introduction
01:24 1031 Exchange
02:58 Refinance Into LLC (Quitclaim Deeds)
04:02 Setting Up with LLC
04:40 LLC Benefits
06:09 Sole Proprietorship
06:42 Steps to an LLC

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