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August 12, 2021

In this video, you will learn about new strategies to start investing in low-income cities and the tips to apply when real estate investing in and low-income city, with an experienced point of view. Some investment properties may take longer to cash flow with the renovations, but with lower capital needed it makes it also creates more flexibility. This guest is someone who started investing in Detroit from less than scratch during a city bankruptcy. This is a success story but also an invitation for you to begin your Real Estate Investing journey now, whatever stage of your life you’re experiencing.

Detroit Investing comes with some interesting facts and statistics for this opportune city in Michigan. Population, Median Income, Median Rent & Median Home Value are nothing like we’ve seen before. These are all crucial factors in deciding on any location to invest in. Financial bankruptcy did not scare this investor off. In fact, it worked out way in his favor and still does to this day.

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Statistics
02:32 No Financing Available
04:10 Detroit’s Two Markets to Invest In
05:55 Locations for New Investors
07:18 Renovation Timeline Tips
09:41 Securing a Property
10:48 Detroit Recap

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