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August 12, 2021

Ever wonder what exactly is inside your walls or how they would look with no sheetrock? In this video, you’ll see a full tour inside new property walls of a multi unit under construction with Matt and Ryan. We go through all of the mechanics, plumbing, venting, even the insulation. It’s important to not only know what is in your walls, but where everything is to avoid accidental leaks from drilling in the wrong spot and everything is up to code.

We tackle some of the many assumptions that new home buyers and Real Estate Investors have when purchasing or renovating a property. Then you’ll see us go through some new simple value add upgrades any landlord can install to get a little rent bump and increase tenant satisfaction at the same time.

00:00 Introduction
01:57 Assumptions to Avoid
03:14 Sewer Line Tips
05:14 HVAC Tips
06:32 Wiring Tips
08:01 Gas Line Tips
08:39 Fire Prevention Tips
09:26 Smoke & Light Installation Tips
11:07 Easy Value-Add Idea

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