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Successful real estate investing requires a smart, experienced and dedicated team.

We provide the expertise, resources and the network necessary to achieve the financial outcomes you want most. This is the team that's here to protect your money and ensure that it works for you.

Matt Faircloth Headshot

Matt Faircloth

Founder and CEO of DeRosa Group

Elizabeth Faircloth

Elizabeth Faircloth

Co-Founder and Board Member

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Herve Francois


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Ben Risser


Kevin Dean

Kevin Dean


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Justin Fraser

Asset Management

The DeRosa Group Team

Matt Faircloth Headshot

Matt Faircloth, Founder and CEO of DeRosa Group

Matt has been a full-time investor for 16 years and has now completed over $40,000,000 in real estate transactions and controls over 800 units in multi-family. Matt is a regular contributor and podcast guest on Bigger, has an active YouTube Channel dedicated to educating investors, and the author of the Amazon Best Seller, Raising Private Capital, how to Build your Real Estate Empire with Other People's Money.

Elizabeth Faircloth

Elizabeth Faircloth, Co-Founder And Board Member

Liz Faircloth co-founded the DeRosa Group in 2005 with her husband, Matt. The DeRosa Group, based in Trenton, NJ, is an owner of commercial and residential property with a mission to “transform lives through real estate." Liz is the co-founder of The Real Estate InvestHER® community, a platform to empower women to live a financially free and balanced life on their own terms through over 40 Meetups across the US and Canada and an on-line community and membership that offers accountability and mentorship for women to take their business to the next level!

Herve Francois headshot

Herve Francois, Acquisitions

Herve held positions as a Financial Analyst and Institutional Salesperson for over a 23-year career on Wall Street. Herve started H&H Real Estate Group in 2018 which focuses on investing in single family rentals, small multi-family deals and syndicated offerings (arranging over $3,000,000 in equity for these transactions). Herve is a Limited Partner in three multifamily syndications totaling over $75,000,000, a $220,000,000 mixed-use retail syndication and is a General Partner in DeRosa Capital 11. In 2019, Herve joined the DeRosa Group to help the firm identify its target markets for larger multi-family deals.

Kevin Dean headshot

Kevin Dean, Underwriting

Kevin has been involved in over $15,000,000 in real estate transactions as a General Partner in real estate syndications. Kevin’s extensive experience — gained from both the Chartered Financial Analyst Program as well as his experience on the Pricing Desk at Fannie Mae in order to structure Multifamily Value Add investment opportunities. Kevin was involved in over $500B in Agency Debt Transactions, including all Agency Debt Instruments and Products for Conventional, Student, Military, Manufactured, Seniors and Affordable Housing properties. Kevin also has experience structuring over $300M in Multi-family Agency Debt workout arrangements.

Ben Riser headshot

Ben Risser, CFO

Ben has been active in Commercial Real Estate Syndications and Commercial Real Estate Sales for more than 12 years. Formally educated in Aerospace Engineering, Ben now focuses on accounting and finance operations as a Fractional Chief Financial Officer, providing Financial Situational Awareness to asset management, executive leadership, small business owners, and investors through his business, Providence Fractional Executive Services.

Justin Fraser Headshot

Justin Fraser, Asset Management

Justin is an apartment syndicator, asset manager, and real estate investor, responsible for managing multiple apartment complexes across the country. Justin is an active partner in 5 apartment complexes holding 675 units. Justin built an asset management business, responsible for running the business of these apartment complexes. He is also the host of True Multifamily, a podcast about the business of apartment investing, showcasing the real work that happens after a deal closes.

David Mitro, Asset Manager

An entrepreneur at heart, Dave earned his Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship from Rider University. After graduation, real estate investing piqued his interest culminating in his first investment, a four-unit multifamily building in Pennsylvania. Since then, he has raised private capital for single family flips and most recently, built an extensive portfolio of short term Airbnb rentals in Center City, Philadelphia. Realizing the immense benefits syndicating large multi family has to offer, Dave joined The DeRosa Group in 2018 and has held positions such as Acquisitions Coordinator, Construction Manager and Asset Manager.

Matt Allen, Fund Manager

Matt Allen is a retired Executive Director from Morgan Stanley, with over 27 years of experience in fund accounting, compliance, management, and operations. For the past 18 years, Matt has specialized in reviewing, negotiating, and structuring private equity investments globally. He has experience with client management and fund governance. Matt is also a REALTOR® and currently holds a license to transact real estate in Pennsylvania. Matt invests personally in commercial real estate, owns a private equity consulting business called Quail Green LLC, and is married with 4 children. Matt has a law degree from Temple University and a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University.